Commercial and Industrial Cleaning
We will do your commercial cleaning for you. This will help you to focus on your core business. As a business person, part of your business is not cleaning your office. This is a secondary activity that needs to be outsourced since it does not add any direct value to your bottom-line. Definitely, you understand the importance of a clean and attractive office. However, you might be wondering how to achieve that in an affordable and effective manner. If that is the case, you have come to the right place. We guarantee the best prices backed by timely and effective service. Call today for a quote: +1 (606) 315-1907. You can also email us at [email protected]
Residential Cleaning
We will clean every single room of your house. We will not only clean the floors. We also clean the walls, ceilings, sinks, and other places. We will remove every single cobweb from your house. During the process of cleaning, we will make sure that we take care of all your valuables. We are a fully insured and bonded company. Therefore, in case anything breaks, we will pay for it.
We work with all insurance companies and claims
And Much Much Much More
Lawn care/landscaping spring & fall cleaning
Strip & wax tile floors carpet cleaning
Upholstery cleaning fire & water damage
Restoration contract maintenance
We do windows real estate cleaning
Pressure washing interior & exterior
Painting & wallpaper staining
Sanitizing & deodorizing gutter cleaning
Complete boat cleaning
All phases of construction /cleanup
General house/building cleaning
Church cleaning & carpeting & pews
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